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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


  • Teaching, research and community services to carry out their activities in universal standards
  • Have the skills and knowledge that can create the architectural environment with the terms of the contemporary international architectural area
  • Trained in architectural design, supervision, business and conservation areas, doing research at national and international level, get the training that can be put into practice in life
  • To educate students contemporary, creative, environmentally friendly, endowed with a sense of history and considaritions of social and individual health, equipped with ethical and aesthetic values,
  • To educate students to skilfull graduates that ability to take part in academic institutions, the relevant state departments and research centers, equipped with the necessary information to make critical judgments and interpretations
  • To support candidate of architects to enhance collective and individual working skills as well as development of personality in a flexible and versatile multi-choice curriculum
  • In different periods and fields of the built environment and architectural culture to produce information and documents through original research at the international level with intercultural, contextual and interdisciplinary approach
  • Ensure the formation and persistence of  Regional, national and international levels of the built environment in a conscious way
  • Develop projects, participate urban planning activities for the improvement of architecture and urban development of Turkiye , especially Sakarya and surroundings


  • To be capable of competing in the international competitive environment
  • To be scientific equipped and to be dynamic in education, research and practice
  • To effort at the highest level to design space, to create his/her working order and his/her environmental aspects as required by the training, to improve his/her background
  • To be up to contribute greatly scientific production and to be internationally-recognized in education and research in the field of architecture
  • Play an active and leading role in promoting better understanding architecture and culture of architectural history
  • Have effective communication and collaboration infrastructure with stakeholders
  • Being preferred and a respected part of graduate students